Channel 16 is a graphical tool for recovering accidentally deleted files in ext2 filesystem. The application allows users to peer data blocks interactively for finding the right file and save them. In the future release, a search and rescue operation will be provided. It permits users to input the exact content of the lost file and automatically reports all the deleted inodes with matching results. Here is a screenshot


The front end is implemented with Java Swing and JNI is used to interact between Java and C library calls. Currently the program has been tested on Linux (RedHat 7.1) with ext2fs and soon will be tested on ext3fs.

Running this application requires the following packages to be installed:

In order to build channel 16 from source, you need these additional packages:


Documentation is available in Postscript, PDF, and HTML.


The current version is 0.1 alpha. By downloading this application, I am not responsible for any lost data or data being corrupted.

Feel free to email me if you have any problems or comments with this program.

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